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"Our sense of worthiness- that critical piece that gives us access to love and belonging- lives inside our story."

Brené Brown


The mission of Austin Counselor's therapists is to help clients find hope, help and healing through sharing and working with their story in a compassionate environment. Therapy creates a safe, encouraging space to connect with one's most authentic self, to work through feeling stuck or hurt, to heal from trauma and relational pain, and to explore potential for growth. While each therapist will utilize their unique skill sets and training, they will ultimately facilitate clients moving toward greater self-compassion, self-acceptance, integration, and wholeness.

We will meet you wherever you are in terms of life experiences, goals, beliefs, and values. Therapy is a collaborative effort between client and therapist. The therapist's role is to serve as a facilitator or guide on your journey, and we will strive to walk beside you with empathy, compassion, and motivation as you discover and utilize your strengths, gain new insights, develop new skills and tools, heal, and work toward reaching your goals.

Austin Counselors was created by Jennifer Alley, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor. In addition to working with clients in her private practice, Jennifer trains post-graduate counseling interns who are working toward full licensure. While interns are gaining experience in an agency setting, they may also offer more affordable therapy through Austin Counselors under Jennifer's supervision. 

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