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Permission to Feel (Podcast with Dr. Brené Brown & Dr. Marc Brackett)

In my work with new clients, we almost always talk about emotional literacy and spend a great deal of our work exploring feelings and why they matter. We also begin to learn about where those feelings originate in our body as sensations and how to track those feelings and the corresponding neural networks. Many of us have been taught to ignore our feelings or to minimize them. We often deem those feelings (particularly negative ones) as frustrating/annoying/or having little value or worth. Feelings, though, tell us how we are doing in our world and in our relationships. While not always based on objective capital T truth, our feelings offer a wealth of information that is valuable and can give us great insight into our internal and external worlds. They often drive a great deal of our behavior (with our without) our explicit awareness.

I love this podcast Brené did in her Unlocking Us series with Dr. Marc Brackett. Be sure to check it out for a great deal of helpful information on feelings based on Dr. Brackett's research and his book, Permission to Feel.

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